Czech Senate passed the Radar treaty

The senators of the ODS, KDU-CSL and the Club of opened Democracy have preferred the arguments of the government before the votes of the citizens and said ‘ok’ to the radar base in Brdy. The Upper chamber of the parliament have 81 seats; 29 social democrats and 3 communists were against, the rest were for.

The proposals of CSSD to postpone the decision for a year were not answered, mostly because it was clear they would postpone it long enough to get to the government and cancel it together with the communists in the end.

Mirek Topolanek gave the lead of yesterday debates by saying it is absolutely unacceptable to bow before the Russian neo-imperialism, only to get short goodwill of Moscow. Now, the parliament needs to discuss it once again, and if it will be signed by the president, it is good to go.

Klaus said, he is going to sign it, so we may see the structure built after all.


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