Klaus indicated departure from the ODS

The president Vaclav Klaus have indicated he may be leave the ODS, which he founded. At the same time, he expressed he would support a new party, which would be right-wing, and euroskeptical (like himself). A month before the ODS congress, which should decide the new direction of the party which suffered crushing loss in regional elections, Klaus said “I am still in ODS for a few days, but we will see”.

Klaus is a critique of the ODS leader Topolanek, and a supporter of Pavel Bem, who is going to fight Topolanek for the post of the party leader.

According to LN, the new right-wing and euro-skeptical party called Libertas could participate in the European parliament elections. The party would closely cooperate with the Libertas motion, founded by the Irish antagonist of the Lisbon treaty, Declan Ganley. Klaus would undoubtedly supported that party.

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