Prague Airport – Tourists welcomed there by the city placard

Those, who arrive to the Airport in Prague after December 08, are going to get welcomed by large scale placards, depicting things like the Charles Bridge, the Railway Bridge at Vyton, one of the Apostles from the Astronomical Clock, or the sculpture Ctirad a Sarka from Prague Vysehrad. The City Hall has selected winners of the graphical designs, that are going to make propagation of the metropolis.

The winning artist was Peetr Salek, who introduces Prague in its variety, showing the old and modern architecture of Prague, also in-tune with the moder architecture of the Airport. The presentation should show Prague as a friendly, modern metropolis, which keeps the cultural heritage and provides quality services for its visitors.

Only during the first half-year, about six millions passengers passed through the airport, and they should see some presentation of the city they just arrived to. Such practice is common all around the world.


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