The Royal Route in Prague renowned

Narrow streets in the Old Town are crowded. The pavements are narrow, parked cars and streets take too much of the space, which was originally, hundreds of years ago, designed for pedestrians only. The great crowds of tourists, who go to see the Royal Route, plus number of natives have to squeeze their way through everyday – that should change. The Town Hall of Prague 1 is going to make some changes, starting the Vienna-styling of streets and pavements; the streets are going to be lifted to the level of pavements.

The other visible street change will be the street surface. They are going to be re-paved, the pavements will get new mosaic paving. The current single-shift streets stay on their place, but the speed is going to be more reduced.

The whole area should be came more accessible to pedestrians, which is the main reason for the adjustments. There should be less car traffic and more aesthetics. There will be more front gardens. One square form old times returns, pushing one parking lot away; it makes place for two trees, benches and a drinking fountain.