How to repair Charles Bridge

The dispute among two conservationist units in Prague continue. Up to now, it seems like the biggest problem of the Charles Bridge reconstruction is missing documents. β€œTo work up the construction-historical research is the basic presumption of a quality sight repair.” said Lenka Svobodova, the representative of The Inspection of the Ministry of Culture, the main criticizing institution.

For instance – the stone railing doesn’t have the necessary documentation, which was supposed to be tip-top before the works started. The Inspection finds the railing to be harmed, however it is hardly visible by an eye. Another opinion has the Old Prague Club – according to them the problem is on the side of the Capital itself, because the Charles Bridge should have a specialized group of experts who would take care of it permanently.

The Mott MacDonald company, which works at the reconstruction, feel the name of the company was harmed by the preservationist inspection, who let it all to the media, even when half of their points are highly discussable.


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