Tree of Peace planted at Vysehrad

To recall the need of peace in the world – that is the aim of the lime tree, which was planted at Vysehrad yesterday. It also should symbolise nature protection on the whole planet. The lime tree planted today is the descendant of the memorable Semtinska lipa lime tree, from which seed was taken and nurtured into a tree settling. The event was truly multicultural, multi-religious.

The initiator of the event is the Peace ambassador, his holiness svami Mahesvarananda, a spiritual teacher and a humanitarian worker. Through the International World Peace Council of Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Swami Madhavananda organizes peace conferences with themes like help to kids stricken by war, global climate changes, religion and peace in the world etc. This year, the last peace conference took place in Wellington. Together with the visit of the Dali Lama, this is another event with high representative of world peace motions in Prague this week .

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