Vaclav Klaus on the edge of popularity

The Verdict of the Czech Constitutional Court concerning the Lisbon treaty – it is not against the Czech constitution. The highly Euro-skeptic Klaus suffered a loss, and not a light one – all the 15 judges decided against Klaus and for European Union reformation. The judges have agreed that times change and notions with their explanations change as well. They put the Czech Republic into the context of the international politics development, they point out changes in words like sovereignty, they remind that it is not possible not to take notes of changes.

Lisbon treaty is good to go from the Czech Constitutional Court – now it goes to the parliament and to the senate. It won’t be easy, though, because Vaclav Klaus is going to fight, as he doesn’t want to live through another loss; he lost many times already last three months. Just to recall some: he became president only because back-stage machinations, the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek openly argues with him, the government shows they have different opinion in key points, like Russia and Kosovo. Klaus steadily gets to the political isolation.

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