Grand Restaurant 2009 prize - Best Czech Restaurants

The winner of the prestigious handbook of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic became the Radisson SAS hotel in Prague. The favorite restaurant with intimate atmosphere and favorite Sunday jazz brunches gained many appraisals already

In the popularity ladder, Alcron have got ahead of Allegro in Four Seasons, the restaurant which is the owner of the only Michelin star in the Czech Republic. Even when Alcron belongs in long-term among the top ten.

Top 10 of Prague Restaurants according to Pavel Mauer

alcron food 1.Radisson SAS hotel, Alcron Prague 1
2.La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoisie, Prague 1
3.Obecni Dum, Francouzska restaurace, Prague 1
4.Rialto Ristorante, Brno
5.V Zatisi, Prague 1
6.Bellevue, Prague 1
7.Radisson SAS hotel, La Rotonde, Prague 1
8.Le Terroir, Prague 1
9.U Kastelana, Bno
10.Four Seasons hotel, Allegro Prague 1

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