Prague Taxi Problem being solved

“He must be a mafioso, just like a taxi driver from Prague” whispers a grandma to her grandson’s ear about the driver, who just drove her home. The appalling legend of Prague taxi drivers have got to the pop-culture consciousness – the grandma whispers it in Gilmore Girls. What is the most incredible is that the whole city of Prague with its million citizens is not able to deal with about 60 taxi bandits, meanwhile the rest 4 000 taxi drivers don’t cause troubles.

Cabdrivers from the company Euro Taxi are infamous. The City Hall writes on their web pages that problems with them have even the guests of Hotel Hilton. There have been laws against them for a few years now, but they are still around. Like on the Old Town Square, where should be only the drivers of AAA Radio Taxi, yet Euro Taxi appears now and then. When they see the police, they start the engine and go away.

The city has given them fines worth 100 millions czk, took their licenses, and the result? The drivers do not pay the fines, and drive on without the licence happily. But there is a change in the air – there is a new boss at the Prague Police, who doesn’t hesitate with solutions. Last weekend, when a driver from Euro Taxi did not obey and stood at the place at the Old Town Square, the police took him into custody and confiscated his car. Hopefully this is going to go on.