Hepatitis A retreats from Prague, people are still afraid

The number of cases diseased with Hepatitis A decrease, the danger of infection in the mind of Prague citizens doesn’t grow smaller, though. That results from the study of company GfK Praha, stating that 54% citizens are afraid they still can get infected. The real cases of infection are not so often anymore. During the last month, there was about 265 cases in the white republic. Compared to 562 in October and 346 in September the rapid decrease is visible.

Meanwhile in the last yet, Hepatitis attacked about 128 citizens, this year it has been 1383 so far. The most sick are in the age group of 25-34 and not among kinds, which is unusual. In context of high occurrence of hepatitis, every fifth person let him and his kids to be vaccinated. According to hygienists, this year epidemic started to spread from the homeless and socially weak people.

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