Important Chapter of Czech Design exhibition

The exhibition which opened in Prague holds one’s interest not only by high quality of presented design, but also by its originality made by nature connection of folk traditions with the most progressive art motions. The Artel group was founded by the coming generation of Prague artists in 1908 as a “general goods store” but the idea from the beginning was new conception of decorative arts.

The point Artel group has is to create quality art-craft, which would improve general taste, it is about connecting decorative arts with usefulness of everyday objects, about the unified lifestyle, something we call design today. The members designed toys, souvenirs, jewels, ceramics, glass, textile motives and also furniture sometimes.

One of the inspiration sources of the exhibited objects is the folk art, which can be seen for example in the devil-shaped wooden box, the other would be secession and cubism. Art for Everyday – exhibition in the Museum of Decorative arts in Prague until March 2009.


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