The First SUV by Skoda soon go to production

Skoda Auto fabric for Yeti cars will finally be opened in Kvasinky in 2009. The first Czech SUV car should be possible to buy in the last week in May. The speaker of Skoda Jaroslav Cerny comments the present financial crisis on the market doesn’t change plans for introducing new products. Skoda enters the market with SUV, even when the world-wide sales of this cars drop due to high oil consumption, however it is not a SUV of the American fashion – Yeti is a moderate sized, light car.

The Skoda Auto company announced to their distributors that they can count with production of 55 thousands cars a year. The other long expected news prepared for the Frankfurt display is the prolonged version of Superb in combi design. The new Superb Skoda started to sell this year in the half of the year and it was a successful model so far – during the crisis it is the model with the least dead plates. Bothe there two are going to be constructed in Czech town Kvasinky, where Skoda Cars invested millions.

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