ODS elects the new leader today

The congress of ODS starts today. Delegates vote for the new ODS leader, and choosing the final stance to the Lisbon treaty as well as to the lost elections. Those 500 ODS delegates are definitely going to think about what to do after the voters demonstrated they want less pro-reformist governmnet. At the occasion is going to appear even the honorary president Vaclav Klaus, who supports Pavel Bem and vice versa – if we look at Bem’s program, it looks like we would read Klaus’s declaration.

The two rivals have priorities, which they want to put through.

Mirek Topolanek
To keep the coalition government to the elections in 2010, but to modify it personally a bit.
To finish the health, pensioner and judicial reform
To continue in reducing company taxes
To lower the deficiency in state budget
To bind the parliamentaries to ratify Lisbon treaty

Pavel Bem
The coalition government have to demise, their operation is discreditable
To ask the president to nominate minority ODS government
To concentrate on early elections, which would be a referendum about the need of real reforms
To bind the parliamentarians and ODS senators to refuse the Lisbon treaty and to start negotiating about a new one.
To keep the original program of ODS (Klaus-wise)