Prague Zoo Keeper lost his bet with Gorilla, he lost less pounds

It is easy to get a few pounds more on the huge gorilla body without anyone noticing, but the gluttonous female Shinda from Prague zoo had yet too much of extra pounds. She had 106 kg in September, and her movement in the yard was more of a powerless rolling than walking. So, her keeper Marek Zdarsky applied reducing diet on her. No bananas, apples, only vegetable. At the beginning, her reaction was naturally anger, but in a month she got perfectly used to it.

The slimming achievements are clear after those three months – Shinda is now only 96 kilos. But her keeper ended up worst, as he didn’t got under 97 kg. That was the condition of the bet, he made with other zoo keepers, so now there is no champagne for him, on the contrary, he had to buy and serve juice to the Gorilla. “well… its kind of embarrassing” he commented the fact he is heavier than the animal.


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