The Sisters of Mercy in Prague concert

The cultic British group The Sisters of Mercy is going to perform on 1st April in Prague theatre Archa. “It is a single club concert, which has, in comparison with the previous performances of the group in the CR, limited capacity. The Sisters of Mercy are among the most famous and most influential rock formations of 80’s of 20th Century, they have a number of loyal fans, who travel whenever there is a concert in Europe. A number of other groups was inspired by them; from Skinny Puppy to Rammstein.

Most of the original group members went away, however Eldritch and the drum machine called Doctor Avalanche stayed in the project. The original guitarists Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey, who later founded successful music group The Mission, were replaced by Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo. Among the most well-known songs would be “Temple of Love”.

The Sisters of Mercy in Prague Archa Theatre on 1st April 2009. Start at 20:00


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