Czech state hardens attitude to prostitution

The state wants to protect the “children moral development” by banning prostitution around schools or children playgrounds. The business is quite extensive here, as the statistics talk about 25t working in the oldest profession. Meanwhile, the today legislation doesn’t make troubles, there should be some regulations ahead. The houses, where girls can make their business are called by other names – like Pension, Night club, Cabaret, Red light whatever. But all know what is going on there.

So the Night Clubs with girls which are around schools can get closed according to the new law. It became much harder for them to prostitute in the streets, however when they do it in addition around schools, they can get a fine, even end up in a prison. But in comparison with other states of the EU, there is still minimal regulation and low price, which makes those 10 billions spend customers on prostitutes a year.

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