Klaus at Birth of a New Party

It is official – After Klaus lost at the ODS congress with his ideas about Lisbon treaty, the trend of moving more power from the hands of the president to the hands of the prime minister. Klaus loses his credibility by rocket speed, and he wants his influence back. So it is official: Klaus is going to be a godfather of a new political party.

Petr Mach is one of those who works on the ideas of the party right now. “Now it is clear, there will be a new party” says the 33 yo economist. Klaus’s co-workers have already addressed a few possible cooperators or potential members.

Clearly, some of the parliamentarians from the ODS who are dissatisfied with the pro-Europe direction of the ODS are going to join with the newly created subject. Mach has already indicated, by which the party should differentiate from the civic democrats – it shouldn’t be liable to environmentalist trends and it should speak against Lisbon Treaty and federalist activities in the EU.

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