Classical lightbulbs starting to disappear in September

The European Union have agreed on the gradual ban of selling classical lightbulbs. The alternative, which is was put through are the economic fluorescent tubes, which are able to shine at the same intensity using less energy. On agreeing of the appropriate regulation, experts from member countries associated with in the workgroup for ecological design. The regulation needs to be formally certified by European Parliament and Commission, but no delays are expected there.

In 2010, salesman should stop selling the 100W and stronger lightbulbs. In 2012, the regulation should affect all the ones, which are stronger 25W. In 2016, the final part bans halogen lightbulbs from the shops as well. Economic light bulbs have the same luminous flux like classic lightbubs, but lower energy consumption. Classic 100W lightbulb corresponds to 20W economic fluorescent tub. The energy consumption is so five times lower.


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