The new Czech party already attracts rebels from ODS

And here it is. The Czech political scene is going to have a brand new, right-wing political party. “It is a question of days” says the close fellow-worker of Vaclav Klaus, Petr Mach. He has the ambition to be came the new party head. And, after the ODS congress ended, it seems that the foundation-stones are going to be mainly the dissatisfied ex-members of the ODS. Partly because of the president, who parted from the ODS, leaving many of his followers there, and openly stating support of the new subject. The new subject seems to have a lot of potential members – Mach says they are overwhelmed with mail of former and present members of the ODS, but also from other political parties and businessmen.

I just have to add – is the party gong to have enough voters, when half of the nation is dissatisfied with the right-win politics?

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