Tying Czech Football Hooligans

Finally, the new criminal code dealing with football hooligans can be passed. It means, Czech football could be more safe, as the well known brawlers won’t be allowed to the stadiums for the time of up to 10 years. Instead of ripping of benches, they would sit at a police station, waiting for the match to end. As the football violence display becomes much harder, the football clubs and police didn’t have any means to fight this phenomena effectively.

The Interior ministry activities aren’t limited just against football hooligans. The fans, who take care about rooting and choreography, so called ultras, should beware using pyrotechnics, especially gas candles. The penalties can apply to them for their fires as well.

Imagine the possible script: A football match Sparta Prague vs with Banik Ostrava, the most risky one. 25 thousand people in the arena. And no violence, because the hardest fighters are not present. A wish? Maybe soon the reality.