Lisbon Treaty Negotiations Now On Pause in CR

The Czech Parliament have agreed to discontinue the approving process of the Lisbon Treaty. The vice-foreign minister Zaoralek commented they did the maximum to pass it, however Mirek Topolanek commented that he is not able to get enough votes for constitutional majority. If there would be the vote, and it wouldn’t pass, it would be irreversible, meaning hard exposure for the Czech Republic.

The Prime Minister guaranteed, he is going to get enough votes at the first meeting of the Parliament in the upcoming year. On one hand, the government promised to ratify the treaty until the end of 2008, on the other hand they don’t want to blow it. Large part of the ODS, who still stand behind Klaus could vote against it, together with the communists. CSSD, The Greens and KDU-CSL would vote for.

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