News About Czech Chairmanship

When you open any Czech, and some of European, newspaper, they all talk about Czech chairmanship of the EU. And Czechs working by the Union start to work hard. It is not surprising, that they got an info they are going to wok on Sundays from January to June, full-stop. The parliamentaries awake and make interviews, what are their plans, informing, writing blogs.

The leader of Brussels branch of Financial Times Tony Barber mentions on his blog ‘wisdom’ of Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, praising his ‘sense of humor’. He is not alone – Karel Schwarzenberg enchanted many others, even foreign journalists start to call him ‘prince’ and they amuse themselves with his brisk comments and his ability to fall asleep during a boring press conference.

That other source of fun was brought by mode designers, who made the uniforms for lower officers around the event. The women are going to wear light blouses with many-coloured Czech EU chairmanship logo. Men will have a white shirt with a tie, again with printed colourful logos. It may look funny, but it least it isn’t boring.


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