Prague Industrial Palace Fire Source? Still Unknown

The source of the fire at the Prague Exhibition Ground, which reduced the left wing of the Industrial Palace into ashes, is still uncertain. After two months, the source is still uncertain and investigation still continues. To find the fire source is nevertheless decisive for the policy, which will be paid to Incheba company, the renter. And that can be also a problem, as media informed.

The city can suffer from the disadvantages contract, which the town hall made with Incheba company at the time of big coalition of ODS and CSSD. There is the unfortunate sentence, that the insurance money won’t go to the owner, the town, but to the renter, Incheba. The city now struggles for weeks, to make Incheba promise they are going to use the policy for repair of the Industrial hall.

Not so long ago, it appeared the plans of the burned building were lost. But then, a person who wished to stay incognito brought them to Pavel Bem.


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