Czech used car dealers sell really cheap now

Because of the new law, according to which cars made before 1993 must have the special registration worth 10 000 czk starting this January, massive crowds sold their old Skodas, which are now available at second hand cars dealers very, very cheap. But the new law affects also cars made between 1991 and 1996, which now need a new registration worth 5 000 czk.

The economic slowed down and people start to think, where to invest their money. The Second hand car dealers had to reduce their prices dramatically and now for a change think, what to do with them, when supply exceeds demand.

As the Financial crisis continue, the retailers of new cars struggle as well. Skoda Cars have announced price reduction, somewhere up to 100 000 czk, however they had to pause production anyway. But if you feel like buying a car, second hand ones are now really cheap in Prague, or other Czech cities.

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