Prague Olympic Society got 11milions czk grant

Prague representatives have accredited 11 million grant for the Prague Olympic society. It is the second part of those more than 25 mil., with which the company managed this year. The company is going to use the money to cover the credit it took from the Czech Olympic committee, other four millions are for the employees and associates of the company.

Prague Olympic Society leave a loop-hole so the preparation of Olympic candidacy could continue. Meanwhile the opponents are against the games in Prague, Prague Mayor Pavel Bem doesn’t give up. For example Jana Ryslinkova labeled the organization of OG in Prague as the most expensive swimming courses in the world.

Bem have praised the Prague Olympic society for how well they managed with the 25 millions they got, as the original plan was to spend 100 millions. But, all in all Prague had to pay 70 millions for the unsuccessful candidacy, where Prague ended 6th from 7 competitors.


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