Le Monde: Klaus is a grumpy choleric, but Schwarzenberg will help

The Thursday volume of the prestigious French magazine Le Monde brings an interview with the Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. The paper shows they put great expectations into his persona during the Czech EU Chairmanship, they even state “Europe is soon going to be in the hands of the prince”

“Schwarzenberg is the Foreign Minister in the small country with the grumpy, choleric, ultra-liberal and europhobic president Vaclav Klaus” the newspaper wrote, picturing Klaus in a similar way like the last edition of The Economist.

Le Monde so see Schwarzenberg as one of the strong influential personas of those six months of Czech Chairmanship, which starts at the beginning of 2009. The comment also includes Topolanek: “… ultra-liberal prime minister Mirek Topolanek, who is unambiguously calmer, he steers more, and is a personal enemy of the President” the list adds, with the comment the EU can prepare for some hard months.

The list also reminds Klaus doesn’t like Schwarzenberg from the beginning, when he impeached his loyalty and his foreign name. Also, Schwarzenberg lived in exile for fifty years and he is a friend of the ex-Czech president Vaclav Havel, whom Klaus doesn’t like as well.


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