Skoda Auto turns down production. For Half a Year

The employees of Skoda Auto are now going through some really hard time. The Skoda Cars company cancels their production on Fridays. Thousands of employees, especially from production and logistic parts are going to have free Fridays. A huge effort of KOVO union achieved the nearly impossible – the employees are going to be paid.

“These were really hard negotiations, but we managed to agree on 75% of the average salary” said the chairman of the KOVO union.

But the stay at the factory won’t be very pleasurable – Skoda Cars age going through the biggest crisis in its modern history, created by low sales of the cars as a consequence of the world crisis, and the employees are moved. By moved, they mean they released more than 900 foreign workers off the hardest jobs, and are going to move regular employees at their posts, as the only way how not to fire them.

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