Ramsay is a success, but not for 100% in Prague

Ramsay and his 'pet' The Maze restaurant in the Prague hotel Hilton Old Town doesn’t attract enough customers after a year in function. The founder, British chef Gordon Ramsay announced it yesterday on a press conference. Ramsay announced he want s to attract more customers by changes in the menu. The reason for low visit rate is, according to him, the financial crisis and competition.

The restaurant is full from Thursday to Saturday, from Monday to Wednesday it is not so great. “We are going to return to the traditional style and use turnip, potatoes and other simple vegetable.” Ramsay plans to reduce the expensive supplies. Prague restaurant Maze is the 18th enterprise of the famous Scottish chef.

The renowned chef Gordon Ramsay currently holds ten Michelin – stars. Modeled on the concept of Gordon Ramsay’s latest British restaurant, Maze, the restaurant offers a menu of signature tasting dishes.


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