Golden Sunday attracted 10 000s Prague citizens to shops

Full parking spots in front of shopping halls, long queues by the cashier desks and tens of thousands of people, trying to buy a gift for their near and dear, this is how the last advent weekend before the Christmas Eve looked like.

That is a classic sight: most of people leave their Christmas shopping for the last moment, and than the shopping centres are swarming with shoppers. The most often bought items are clothes, books, cosmetics and toys. Compared to the last yer, alcohol and money as gifts fell in popularity.

Compared to the previous year, many shops launched sales before the holidays already. For example in Deichmann at Chodov they sell winter footwear 50% cheaper already. Tesco plan sales on 26th December.

Lots of Prague citizens shopped for the gifts much more comfortable way, through the Internet. Czech Post had to, for the central Prague office, take in 200 part-time hands, who were assorting packets for 24 hours a day.

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