Prague Public Transport, Sundays 2009: less lines

Travelling in Prague is going to take longer, the day of choice is Sunday. The organizers of Public Transport adjusted the time-tables and so the intervals in Metro are going to be longer of 10 minutes, tramways are going to come once in twenty minutes.

Changes in Public transport in Prague start fourth January, the limitation should be only in period from 8 to 12 hours. The reason is simple – endeavour to economize. Sunday mornings have already proven to be the time, when the least passengers use the public transport.

Intervals at all Metro traces are going to be prolonged to 10 minutes. At the present time the intervals vary among 8,5-3 minutes, depending on the line, now it is going to be 10 minutes everywhere. Sunday tramways so far went every 15 minutes, now it is going to be 20.


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