Prague – No Christmas Snow

Meteorologists warn that snow is going to be a bit of rarity during the Christmas season. Probability of snowing during the holidays have dramatically lowered in the past 100 years. And in the coming tens of years, when the north pole will grow even smaller in size, white Christmas are going to be even rarer. Reuters launched a study in cooperation with German weather institute, finding out that in the lowland-located Berlin are the future generations probably not going to see white Christmas at all, leaving them dreaming about it.

Of course, the chances for snow are different at different places and the elevation above the sea-level and distance to the sea still give hope for Prague there are going to be white Christmas a few times still. But not this year – the temperatures are right above zero. But there is also other reason, beside global warming – as our calendar changed in 1752, Christmas moved 12 days to the earlier date. In January snowing is more common.


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