Various pictures of Jesus' birth in Prague

The exhibition shows Nativity scenes made from various materials, there are various shapes, attitudes, sizes… The Burgrave at Prague Castle is filled with families, and both the parents and kids marvel at the unique pieces. They stare in disbelief at the cute marionette theater, which served as a narrator of Christmas happening more than a hundred years ago. No plasma screen!

Parents wisely nod their heads, when they read the moved history of the unfinished nativity scene, which should have been made for St Vitus chapel, but works on the original were cut off by the WWII and than by the communists in 1948. The spacious piece of art got lost, leaving no clues. The only reminder is its period model, depicting the setting in traditional Czechoslovak clothes and scenery. Only the wizards are in traditional costumes.

If you have a family, you can get a nice ticket for reasonable money. The exhibition looks nice, feels nice and smells nice as well, the energy is really christmas-like. Good for the Christmas spirit boost.


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