Bem Returned from vacation, claiming he didn't go to Antarctica

Prague mayor Pavel Bem is back form his vacation, which aroused interest of media. According to some information from the Prague Municipal Council he should have been at Antarctica, climbing the top mountain – Mount Vinson there. Bem now – going there. But the source of claims the opposite.

“I took eight days of vacation, today it is Sunday and I am in work. I went to mountains. I was on vacation, not in Antarctica.” Bem said for CTK.

On the other question, which was “Which mountains did you go to” he didn’t answer, saying that his vacation is only his business. “Rumours are problems of journalists, not me.” Bem added. He is well-known for his love of mountain-climbing, last year he went to Mt. Everest.

Another question Pavel Bem arouses for a long time is, who finances his trips, vacations, housing, or celebrations. For example his huge birthday party in September could have cost up to 500 thousand czk, and when we know the rent in his villa is 324 thousand czk a year, he wouldn’t make it alone with his 86 thousand fee/ month.

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