Czech Year 2008

When it is time to pop open the champagne and start to celebrate we survived another year, one wants to balance, what happened the year before. What happened in the Czech Republic in 2008? As a starter, the visas for the USA were abandoned, finally ending one of bureaucratic mambo-jumbos.

Two films touched our hearts – Citizen Havel, introducing the ex-president as human as he is, offering surprisingly entertaining experience. The other film was ONCE, giving us a bitter-sweet insight of lovers, whose love can never be, with the theme song which brought them an Oscar.

Concerning sports, we can’t omit the Olympic gold of Barbora Spotakova in javelin, also the sharpshooter Katerina Emmons who showed beside the sport show with the golden medal at the end also a love story.

The year also presented, in which political direction is the country going to go – ODS presented how far they are from the life which their voters live, and it didn’t pay off. The incoming years will be oriented to the left.

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