Prague Refuses to penalise itself for Charles Bridge Repair

A reconstruction, which is according to specialists messed up, but an outsider can’t recognise there is anything wrong. That is the centre of the dispute, that has been going for half a year now. The reason for reconstruction was the stones were damaged by salting and needed replacement, the reasons for complaint was that too much stones were replaced, also that they have been replaced in a wrong way photos.

The peculiar thing about the case is, the payer of a fine should be the reconstructor, which is the city of Prague, and the receiver of the fine money is the owner of the building, which is Prague city again. Is Prague going to pay itself? We will see. The city took time to think. That the submitter deserves a fine decided the inspection of ministry of culture. According to it, the Prague town hall broke the law, when they didn’t make the necessary documentation for the repair.


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