Some gambling houses to disappear from Prague

To go to a little casino and to put ones money into a slot machine is going to be a little more difficult starting the next year. The new public notice stated to obtain to 1st January, so having a gambling house means to fulfill many conditions. Among others it is to keep tapes from security cameras for 30 days and to remove the shiny advertisements with jackpot height from the front.

The cases of those places being a meeting-place of various necromaniacs or thieves are notorious, and the city has been trying to solve it since the very Velvet Revolution. Finally, the numbers are on decrease. Even when they planned to close 226 and in the end only 80 were locked, ‘gambling survivors’ will have limit their business, meaning they will have to stop being non-stop premises.



  1. Online Casino Gambler said, Jan 6, 08:06 AM #

    This will only encourage those in Prague to gamble online.