Law Proposal: Direct Presidential Vote in CR

The successor of Vaclav Klaus could be voted for directly. This is the option preferred by the team of Topolanek. What will be the verdicts? We will know in two weeks, but the true is, efforts for changing the voting law have been here since the First Republic, but never been successful. “Ministry of justice prepared three options, the government has became attached to the proposal of legislative court, according to which both the parliamentary chambers would decide about change of the constitution.

The form of the vote itself would be decided by an executive law. The same law would modify competences of the president elected by the majority or who is going to proceed into the second round of the vote.Direct presidential vote is supported by the Social Democrats, People’s party and the Greens, ODS and KSCM are rather against. The main reasons are obvious – the last vote was an international disgrace.