Greenpeace projected EU flag to Prague Castle

Activists from Greenpeace have screened the EU flag on the Prague Castle. They wanted to point at the aversion Vaclav Klaus keeps against hanging the EU flag on the castle during Czech Chairmanship. The event also wanted to remind the politicians that one of the Chairmanship priorities should be climate protection. The person of Klaus, the mot significant Czech ‘denier’ of climate changes was the ideal target for the action; in their words they wanted to “react on some quotes of Euroskeptical and climateskeptical politicians.”

That the screening was more a kind of ‘payback’ illustrate their other words: “We hope the (Czech) government won’t give Klaus the opportunity to abuse Czech chairmanship for attacks at European politics of climate protection. If the Czech government wants to come through as the leader of the Union, they need to pay much more attention to the climate protection.”

According to Klaus, EU Flag doesn’t belong to the Prague Castle, because the castle is a symbol of Czech statesmanship, Czech state, not the EU.

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