Petition against communists signed by 51 thousands

Signers of the Internet petition ‘Na komunisty si zvykat nechceme’ (We do not want to get used to Communists) are 51 thousands already, the numbers steadily grow. The representatives prepare to go on 19th January to the house of the government to publicly appeal for support of court ban of the communist party.

The initiators point to communists getting back to the real power after the regional elections. They are afraid it is not far to the time communists would return to the central government. They state they would consider even the discussion about abandoning the communist party itself to be a success.

The petition, which renown surprised the initiators themselves appeal to the Czech politic representation to stand against return of communists to the real political power, and to put through consistent persecution of public propagation of communism and other motions leading to repression of human rights and freedoms.