Vaclav Klaus sometimes replaced by Vaclav Havel for Czech Chairmanship.

vaclav havel This is not a joke. Lidove Noviny informed about the curious case in today edition. Not only other presidents do not invite Klaus anymore, but somebody found out Havel can be still a good representative for EU events, even when he has not been the president for five years already.

Klaus let us to know, through his speaker, he is going to miss today Euroaction connected to the EU Chairmanship in the National Theatre without explanation. Meanwhile, Czech diplomats started to explain foreign journalists, who meanwhile found in the pressure among the prime minister and the president the topic for their articles, that Klaus is not that important and that we can do it without him.

Tonight in National Theatre, there won’t be Vaclav Klaus, but other Vaclav and foreigners, who perceive it from the outside, maybe won’t even notice he is no longer the president. So the originally chimeric image of putting Havel to the front again became, at least for a little bit, real.