Illuminated Sculptures in the Streets of Prague

The project called Transparency, realized within Czech EU Chairmanship wants to emphasize the magic of Prague in the first place. The other aim would be to make contemporary art accessible for the general public. The display of the first four from the six presents renowned artists, which can admire anyone who is in Prague just now. These are just the ‘first wave’, others are going to be placed in February and April. The street exhibition continues until the end of June.

Panel with a girl silhouette ‘Ann Dancing’ by Julian Opie was put to the widow of the National Theatre so it can be seen the whole day. The statue ‘We’ by Jaume Plensa is placed on Jan Palach square shines every day from 18 to midnight. The light show ‘Mice’ by Stephan Reusse shines everyday from 20 to midnight in Dusni ulice. ‘Love Letters’ by Arthur Duff is on Old Town Square ; it shines every hour until midnight, starting 18:00.