Minus 34 °C, Cold in Czech

Czechs wean for cold. Such winter became unusual in this land, now we have to deal with -30°C at night during the whole week. One can guess that in combination with snowing it makes trouble, and really – on Mo and Tu, 72 got hurt in Prague only. One homeless froze to death to such extent his joints wouldn’t move.

Doctors in these days strongly warn three groups: elderly people, cardiac patients, and parents of little kids. “If there is less than -5°C parents should naturally check whether their kids have enough of suitable clothing.” Seniors and cardiacs shouldn’t go out at all when it is below -10.

The centres for flash burn care have a lot of work as well – frostbites are cured by similar methods. If the spot on the skin is white and blood doesn’t return to it, it is necessary to go to a doctor. In the second phrase the spot will became red on the contrary. But – if you do not stay outside you should be fine. For more weather in Prague check here.