Czechs and huge Entropia sculpture

The art-piece of Czech artist David Cerny has attracted considerable number of fans. Czechs have introduced the huge plastic Entropia, which refers to stereotypes connected to the 27 countries of the EU. The visitors of the European Committee building can check Austria hidden under cooling towers of Nuclear plants, flooded Holland from which minarets pop out, the Czech Republic where quotes of Vaclav Klaus on a display run, or Bulgaria with a huge squat toilet.

“I don’t like it at all” can be heard from the crowd scanning the massive Euro-puzzle, which father is Czech artist David Cerny. “It is great, I think it represents the countries well” Says an Italian employee of the Silvio council. “Well, you have sense of humor” smiles a Bulgarian employee of one of the European institution, looking at the Bulgaria plastic.

And what does the artist David Cerny think? “Self-reflection, critical spirit and the ability to perceive oneself and the surrounding world with the sense of irony belongs to Europe and its thinking.” Source:LN



  1. a bulgarian said, Jan 13, 02:10 PM #

    The bulgarian instalation is the best one – so honets, exactly targeted. Just read the commnets in the bulgarian net – it is a big agreement and thousands people enjoy the scandal. Of course the government dislikes the toilet, it is the joy for the bulgarians

  2. Another bulgarian said, Jan 15, 03:44 PM #

    Well, thats actually not so true after all.. If you are ok with people seeing you as a toilet, farewell. But I personally am NOT ok with it.

  3. a Dutch said, Jan 15, 04:24 PM #

    why do you say it is exactly targeted? I do not understand why Bulgaria is portrayed as a set of toilets. Could you explain? thanks.

  4. Maya (Sofia, BG) said, Jan 18, 12:27 AM #

    gosh, whoever wrote the above is obviously very stupid. opinions are mixed, but NO bulgarian is enraptured/joyous about this caricature. it’s no pleasant joke.

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