New Czech Political Party

The new political party in the Czech Republic wants to attract especially those who do not vote regularly. The name is Strana svobodných občanů – SSO (The party of free citizens). The party, among others, disapproves the Lisbon treaty reforming EU, also it demands referendum for Euro adoption.

Petr Mach, a close cooperative of Vaclav Klaus, also published the program and constitution on a press conference, with the estimate personal compound of the political group. Three from six members of the leading team have finished their career in ODS recently, in 2008. How much the party is connected to Klaus symbolises, beside the chairman Mach himself, the ex-representative of ODS and contemporary Klaus’s advisor Jiri Payne.

As Mach stated on the press conference, the new party is here for “…people, who were frustrated by contemporary possibilities in elections and situation in the parliament and they didn’t have anyone to vote for.” They would like to fill in the gap.

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