Classic ID's may be in the last Czech season

A bell tolls for the paper Ids we are used to in the Czech Republic. So to have one’s personal identification number, family status and address nicely written on a piece of paper in plastic may be history in 2010. The revolution should come with new electronic cards with a chip and four electronic registers, in which the data should be saved.

The government decided on the yesterday meeting, when they supported the proposal of Interior Minister Ivan Langer. The laws, which are a part of Langer’s reform of public service, needs to be passed by the parliament, senate, and signed, but if that happens, 2010 would bring the ‘OP’. “Electronic id card means not only great simplification for a citizen, but also higher security. The public service knows almost everything about us, still it forces us to bring information again and again.” Ivo Brokes from eStat also explains, that the very giving identification number is dangerous, and should not be practiced in the future.

The project of Prague card Opencard works very well. Maybe the 21st century really requires we had our cards equipped with a chip.

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