Smarter Cash Dispensers start in the Czech Republic

Local banks in Prague and in the Czech Republic started to euip a new wave of more intelligent cash machines. The trend starts with few tens of new machines, which serve for money drawings and finding out the balance, recharging mobile credit, but can also transfer money to other accounts, so it is possible to use it for paying the bills.

The service, which spreads in western Europe at the present time, is provided by UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic; their 51 cash machines however transfer money until the next workday. There should also be deposit online machines. There are two of them placed at two Prague premises, at Smichov and in Cestlice.

Deposit cashomats are to be placed during the first half of the year. If there will be interest in depositing this way, there will be more of them. They cost twice as much as the regular ones, but they economize the traffic at branches.

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