The Danish investigate, if Tycho Brahe was poisoned in Prague

A team of Danish archaeologists prepare for their way to Prague. They want to find an answer to the question, why their famous astrologist Tycho Brahe died 408 years ago. And to find out, whether his possible murder was ordered by the man, whom Danish chant in the king’s anthem; King Kristian IV.

We Czechs tell a legend about him, according to which he died when his bladder burst, as he didn’t dare to leave the ceremonial dinner with the emperor. The Danish, however, suspect that he was poisoned. That’s why they want to exhume his remains, which rest in Tyn Church at Prague Old Town Square.

The Tomb was opened first in 1901, when his remains were moved into a new coffin, his beret, stocking and sleeve was moved into the National Museum collections, his moustache went to Denmark. And it was his moustache, which undergo research, revealing that it contains 100 times more mercury than is normal.

The other proof of debatable theory about murder should be the diary of the astronomists’s relative Eric Brahe, who was, according to Danish theory, hired by the king in anxiety from the Tycho’s love affair with king’s mother.

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