Last farewell to Kaplicky will be with presence of Public

The Family of architect Jan Kaplicky specified the program of funeral, which is going to take place in Prague. The last farewell to the famous architect will be open to all who are interested as the private part was cancelled, allowing anyone to participate. The event was moved to 27th January, the date at which was originally planned public farewell (the funeral itself was planned on a different day).

The ceremony itself is going to be at the Prazska Krizovatka, which is the former church of st. Anna at the Old Town, and among others Petr Hapka and Krystof Michal are going to sing, the architect Eva Jiricna and Pavel Bobek and other Kaplicky’s colleagues and friends from all around the world. According to the family members the ceremony is going to take four hours and there will be no coffin (Kapliky wanted to be cremated).

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