Bulgarian artist posted answer to Czech Entropia

“What have we done? Big sh*t, that’s what we have done.” the quote of Czech writer, who created Good Solider Svejk, the character iconic to the Czech national temper became the base of Bulgarian answer to Entropia – caricature of Czech republic, where is a picture of Svejk, dropping his poo on the map of the Czech Republic.

The author is a caricaturist of the Internet version of one of the most sold Bulgarian newspaper Dneven Trud, depicting, how the Bulgarians see the Czechs. One has to think that ‘Bulgaria strikes Back’ after David Cerny aroused emotions with his Entropia, where was Bulgaria pictured as a country of Turkish (squat) toilets. They reply with the same note – when we see them as a country, which generally is (going into) a toilet, they see us as a country which citizens have really never achieved anything. This is much more enjoyable than the government order to cover it.

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