Tripadvisor: Prague Must Luxurious Hotel is Aria

Travel movement of the whole world is in a crisis now. Popularity of Prague hotels, none the less, grows. The five-star hotel Aria at Mala Strana (the Lesser Quarter) is, according to the prestigious traveller’s magazine Tripadvisor the most luxurious hotel of the world. Nevertheless, most o Prague citizens don’t even know, where the hotel offering view into Vrtbovská garden is.

According to a specialist it is not an accident that among the 50 most luxurious hotels are, beside Aria, other three Prague hotels in the mentioned chart. “The times, when Prague hotels offered low class services, are long gone.” states a Mag Consulting company representative. That is the reason, why among the hotels appeared also hotel Ventana in Celetna street, which has, beside a relax centre and a hotel library a crystal chandelier by Swarovski. Most of the hotels are in the centre of Prague, overlooking the best sights.

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